Even though he only describes it as a hobby, Heinz Maier’s high-speed water drop photography is some of the best we’ve seen.

Using simple white backgrounds and colored liquids, Heinz transforms water into amorphous sculptures.

High-Speed Water Drop Photos Are a Cut Above the Rest

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Celebrity portrait photography is tricky business, but Peter Hapak has mastered the technique.

His incredible portfolio will leave you wondering if there’s someone famous he hasn’t met. Check it out below!

Celebrity Portrait Photography at Its Finest

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There’s a new sleeker way to get your Phone Lenses onto your iPhones!

Each phone lens in our shop now comes with black and white MagPlates, metal plates that have been cut and painted to precisely fit your iPhone 5/5s.

They’re nearly invisible on your phone, but hold on tight to your lenses just like our old skool rings.

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Record top-notch sound for your vids with the Loud and Clear Lapel Mic.

Clip it on and keep your hands free to play guitar, make crafts or show off your awesome dance moves while also recording sound.

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New York City-based photographer Dane Shitagi is not keen on being cooped up in his studio.

In his ongoing photo series of ballet dancers, Dane brings his craft to the streets, giving his images a uniquely urban quality.

NYC Photographer Captures Ballet Dancers in the Streets

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Don’t let your amazing video skills be brought down by unprofessional sound quality.

Grab the Mighty Mic for an insta-boost in sound with directional recording and noise reducing powers.

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Remember cookbooks?

It’s time to give the ol’ recipe book a 21st century twist.

Just mix one part Party Party App, a dash of old-fashioned printing, mix in your photo expertise and pair it with some quality cocktails to get the coolest recipe book, ever.

Make a Photo Recipe Book


To a child, there are few things more important than the sanctity of a bedroom. 

Photojournalist James Mollison recently finished a series of 56 diptychs showing portraits of children from around the world along with an image of their bedroom. 

The Special Connection Between Children and Their Bedrooms

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German photographer Michel Lamoller created these fascinating collages that seem to show people melting into the landscape behind them.

Michel achieved the effect by layering multiple photos of the same location at different times. Check out the entire series below!

Portraits of People Melting Into Landscapes

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No more searching for wall outlets, bumming a charge cable off your buddy or being powerless in photogenic situations (ack! that’s the worst).

Grab the Jump Cable 2-in-1 backup battery and charge cord.

This cable does double duty by charging your phone at home from any outlet or USB port and then packing power for on-the-go battery boosts.

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Unlike the majority of public spaces, the beach is one of those spots where most people are comfortable bearing all.

In Comfort Zone, photographer Tadao Cern captures the moment when sunbathers have completely fallen asleep.

Humorous Portraits of Sleeping Sunbathers

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Buenos Aires-born photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg uses a rather unconventional source of light for his long exposure photos: the moon!

For the past two years, Alejandro has been photographing the vibrant culture of locals living in the Paraná River Delta in Argentina.

Long Exposure Photos Use Only Light From the Moon

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In the far reaches of Northern Greenland, the native Inuit people thrive in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

Finnish photographer Tiina Itkonen spent nearly 20 years documenting their beautiful yet fragile way of life. Check out the series below!

Poignant Photos Document the Inuit’s Fragile Existence

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Berlin based artist Sarah Illenberger has a knack for giving everyday objects completely new meanings. 

In Tutti Frutti, Sarah transforms food from a market in Tuscany, Italy into delightfully witty sculptures. See the rest below! 

Everyday Food Items Given Completely New Meanings

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Here at Photojojo we take the photography lifestyle very seriously. We live it, we breathe it, we even eat it.

Specifically, we eat these camera shaped cookies and we think you should too.

Get the Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe for Baking Cam Cookies